Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daddy

I recently read this in one of Chetan Bhagat's latest novels (2 States - if my memory serves me right). "The world celebrates the mother and the child, but daddies are needed as well". So what better day to write to one's daddy if not on a Father's day. Looking back down all those years, I owe one big bow to my daddy - for making me who I am and making me capable of what I can do today and may be on many tomorrows.

Since my childhood, I have seen my daddy as a person of great reserve - he never danced with me sitting on his head (like I do, and like he does today with my son :-)) but at the same point of time, he never ever let me feel unloved or uncared for, not even for a single moment. A person of great determination and mental strength, my dad stands by me - even to this day - like the Chinese Wall. If there is one person in this whole wide world that believes in me cent percent, then that's my dad for you.

Dad, I thank you for the staunch support you've shown me when I needed it the most, and the joys you've shared with me. Its easier to form a bond with one's mother - as has been the case with me as well - but the dad - son relationship is one that remains subtle, but very strong. I realize this today when even a single 7,919 miles-long distance-holler from my son over the phone or vcon diverts all my attention towards him.

This is one relationship, that needs to be cherished - with utmost care and respect - on father's day or any other day.

I love you dad - you are my hero

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  1. Never saw one's feelings being penned down so crisply and strongly. I so agree with you on this, dad-son relationship, especially in India, is largely not paid due respect to. However, this remains one the most important moral builders in any society.